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We support a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises, in improving their workforce skills to contribute to enhanced infrastructure development in communities worldwide.Our partnerships extend to include both private enterprises and government institutions.

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Our clients engage in upskilling efforts across a wide spectrum of project domains, such as roads, highways, land development, railways, drainage, sewer services, oil and gas, rivers, ports, airports, mining infrastructure, construction, feature survey, and environmental projects. 

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The trainer was very knowledgeable.

The trainer was very knowledgeable and directed us and answered every question with patience. The course materials were very useful and comprehensive to start 12d.

Sara Abdi

Graduate Civil Engineer

That was very helpful.

Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again in future courses.

Amy Clark

Civil Design Drafter

Cameron was excellent!

Very good instructor. Explained everything clearly and also shared some different info on 12d commands as per students’ insights.

Dylan Pererra

Calibre Group

The software training session helped me to practically apply the theoretical knowledge learned at university.

To plan, and design real-world civil engineering projects. Currently, the most widely used civil engineering software in Australia is 12d.

Ravindu Chandrasekara

Civil Engineering student at Monash University

I’m really glad I took the course.

I found that training to be really useful. I learnt lots of little tips and tricks, even though I’ve been using 12d for about 7 years. The design stuff was great. Easy to follow and very clear.

Josh Brinkman

Southern Land Development Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process for having my company's logo displayed on your site?

To feature your company’s logo on our website, you need to be a customer of ours. Please initiate your request by visiting

What resources do you offer your trainees?

Civil and Surveying Institute goes beyond providing a technical curriculum; our ultimate aim is to help students secure meaningful employment, and tackle challenges on local and global scales. To achieve this, we offer:

  1. Diverse Course Options: We provide a range of both free (with SPOT Self-Paced Online Training) and paid courses.
  2. Software Access: During your educational journey, all our training courses include access to the 12d Model software, allowing you to practice and apply your newly acquired skills effectively.
  3. SPOT Platform Access: After enrolment with SPOT, you’ll enjoy free access to the SPOT platform for 12 months. This platform offers an extensive library of content that you can revisit whenever you need to refresh your skills.
  4. Certifications: Upon successfully completing our courses, you’ll receive valuable certifications to bolster your credentials.
  5. Exceptional Support: Our Civil and Surveying Institute offers excellent support services for all course types, ensuring you receive guidance when needed.
  6. Resource Materials: Access to manuals, practical exercises, and webinars that provide continuous support on your learning journey.
  7. Video Library: We maintain an extensive video library on both YouTube and SPOT, further enriching your learning experience.
  8. On-Demand 12d Model Tech Forum: Gain access to the comprehensive 12d Model Tech Forum 2021, which includes a vast collection of videos covering various topics.

Over the past 16+ years, we’ve educated thousands of students worldwide, and we’re prepared to expand further as the demand for infrastructure professionals continues to grow exponentially. Join us on this journey!

Do you collaborate with universities?

At the Civil and Surveying Institute, we have established partnerships with multiple universities, colleges, educational institutions, and training providers worldwide. These collaborations are aimed at fostering community growth and promoting education. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Do you work with international organisations?

Yes, we do. At the Civil and Surveying Institute, we collaborate with organisations of all types, offering our comprehensive curriculum, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to support and enhance their initiatives. We’re committed to multiplying their efforts and contributing to their success.

What languages are your courses available in?

Our courses are currently offered in English. However, we understand that language diversity is important. Depending on demand and the specific needs of your organisation, we may be able to arrange language translations. For further information and to explore language options, please feel free to reach out to us at We’ll be happy to assist you if your organisation meets the qualifications for this service.