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Discover the easy installation process of 12d Model: watch our series of short, informative videos crafted for you by the 12d Model team.

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Watch 12d Model CAD training and explore various other training materials available free of charge on 12d Model YouTube Channel

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ADAC and 12d Model

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Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals

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12d Field

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BIM and Digital Engineering

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Explore Our Extensive YouTube Channel Video Library

The 12d Model YouTube channel serves as an invaluable resource, offering a wide range of free training videos, webinars, and case studies covering diverse topics in civil design, surveying, and water engineering. These valuable resources, made accessible by the 12d team, are open to everyone seeking to enhance their skills and proficiency in their respective careers.

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With SPOT (Self-paced online training) from the Civil and Surveying Institute, you have the opportunity to access a variety of courses free of charge, enabling you to study at your convenience from anywhere in the world. SPOT training offers not only hours of curated and meticulously planned video content but also hands-on practice with 12d Model, facilitated by the provision of a 12d Model license for the duration of your education by the Civil and Surveying Institute. SPOT courses are typically either free or available at very budget-friendly prices. To explore our free SPOT courses, click here. 

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12d wiki

If you require additional information to support your on-demand learning, you can pose your questions on the 12d Wiki. This free online resource is curated and edited by 12d trainers and experts from around the world. Another invaluable resource is the 12d Model community forums, where community members exchange questions and answers.

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The trainer was very knowledgeable.

The trainer was very knowledgeable and directed us and answered every question with patience. The course materials were very useful and comprehensive to start 12d.

Sara Abdi

Graduate Civil Engineer

That was very helpful.

Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again in future courses.

Amy Clark

Civil Design Drafter

Cameron was excellent!

Very good instructor. Explained everything clearly and also shared some different info on 12d commands as per students’ insights.

Dylan Pererra

Calibre Group

The software training session helped me to practically apply the theoretical knowledge learned at university.

To plan, and design real-world civil engineering projects. Currently, the most widely used civil engineering software in Australia is 12d.

Ravindu Chandrasekara

Civil Engineering student at Monash University

I’m really glad I took the course.

I found that training to be really useful. I learnt lots of little tips and tricks, even though I’ve been using 12d for about 7 years. The design stuff was great. Easy to follow and very clear.

Josh Brinkman

Southern Land Development Consultants

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I already have a SPOT (Self-paced online training) account. Can I just log in?

Yes, you can log in to your existing SPOT account to review the course you have already enrolled in. Log in here: If you are interested in taking a new course, first register for the self-paced course through our course catalogue. Then, you can log in to your SPOT account using the same link.