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The Civil and Surveying Institute
is the largest and most experienced provider of authorised 12d Model training courses.

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The CSI offers practical, hands-on training programs to students and experienced practitioners who want to expand their civil and surveying knowledge, with an emphasis on technical computing.

Established in 2008, the Civil and Surveying Institute was founded by a team of experts in civil engineering, surveying, and water engineering. Over the years, we have proudly evolved into an authorised 12d Model Training Provider.

Since 2009, we have been actively establishing partnerships with academia and educational institutions, with the aim of nurturing an inclusive future for professionals, students, and graduates. Our collaborations have encompassed esteemed universities and institutes, including the University of Otago, TAFE, Monash University, and the ALDE – Association of Land Development Engineers, among others.

In 2020, to meet the evolving needs of our customers during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our training portfolio to include Instructor-led online courses. These courses successfully replicated the in-person training experience by combining comprehensive training with interactive workshops, ensuring that our trainees did not feel limited by remote learning. Beyond the pandemic, this course format has continued to be a beloved choice among our trainees, demonstrating our organisation’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in serving our clients’ needs.

In response to the growing demand for training and our commitment to community development, we introduced SPOT (Self-Paced Online Training) in 2021. This programme offers affordable or free training courses, empowering communities worldwide.

In 2022, the Institute of Surveying and Civil Design Training transformed into an ever-expanding community of future infrastructure professionals. To better reflect our mission and growth, we became the Civil and Surveying Institute.

Since 2008 and up to the present, we have extended our services to over 70 countries worldwide. We take immense pride in upskilling professionals and assisting them in achieving their career aspirations.

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Why Choose the Civil and Surveying Institute?

Unlocking Opportunities in the Infrastructure Industry

As an Authorised 12d Model Training Centre, we provide 12d Model software access throughout your training, even for those studying for free. Proficiency in 12d Model unlocks employment opportunities within the infrastructure industry. With 12d Model widely used in 70+ countries, our expert trainers are here to support you throughout your journey, demonstrating how to make the most of the power of 12d to advance your career. Choose from the various course types, spanning from in-house to self-paced learning, and study on your terms.

70+ Countries

Widespread usage


Courses available supporting community growth

12d Model

Access for all trainees during their education

Our Expert Team

Cameron Lowe

Training Manager

Cameron is the Training Manager at the Civil & Surveying Institute. With over eight years of experience working with 12d Model, Cameron brings a wealth of expertise. Prior to joining the Civil & Surveying Institute, Cameron spent four years at a Land Development Consultancy in Victoria. His dedication lies in enhancing the user experience and promoting the global adoption of 12d Model.

Graham Wirth

International Surveying Trainer

Graham brings 40 years of experience in the construction industry, with roles including Chief Surveyor at Abigroup Contracting, Survey Manager at Baulderstone Hornibrook, and Australasian Manager at Leica Geosystems. His deep expertise in Civil and Surveying software allows him to assist survey clients, ensuring efficient and effective project management for civil surveyors in their role as Site Data Managers.

Robert Graham

Water Resources Trainer

Robert, a water resources professional since 1980, started with hydraulic modelling and progressed to flood modelling and hydro-electric design. Since 1985, he’s been involved in writing and training for hydraulic modelling software. Since 1998, he’s worked at 12d Solutions as a software developer and trainer, specialising in urban 1D and 2D unsteady flow flood modelling.

Tim Brooks

Civil Design Trainer

Tim Brooks, a seasoned Civil Designer with 25 years of experience in Australia and the UAE, excels in Motorways, Highways, Rail, and Industrial Estates projects. Since 2013, he’s been a vital part of 12d Solutions and the Civil and Surveying Institute. As a 12d Model trainer and 12d Synergy configuration specialist, he’s written extensive training manuals, greatly enhancing our institute’s training and resources.

Paul Hardwick

Surveying Trainer

Paul Hardwick, a seasoned surveying trainer with 16+ years of experience in civil construction, worked as a construction surveyor on projects of all sizes. He has ample experience contracting with local authorities for pre-design detail surveys. In his 6 years at the Civil and Surveying Institute, Paul has made significant contributions to training and support efforts.

Matthew Stephens

Civil Design Trainer

An experienced civil engineer specialising in design, Matthew embraced 12d Model as an early adopter. He has accumulated a wealth of experience working in design and survey consultancy firms, both domestically and internationally. His extensive expertise in Civil and Surveying software, coupled with his real-world experience, allows him to support clients in efficiently and effectively training their staff.

Owen Thornton

Engineering Design Trainer

Owen Thornton, an engineer, programmer and trainer, brings 25+ years of experience in engineering design software. Since 2003, he’s been a part of the Civil and Surveying training team, specialising in 12d Model for stormwater, utilities, volumetrics and plotting. Owen conducts regular 12d Model training, mainly in Stormwater Basics. He has experience in geometric design, system setup and 12dPL Macro programming, too.

Mal Peaker

Dynamic Drainage Trainer

Mal has 25 years of industry experience covering land development, and local and state government projects. A little over 10 years specifically focused on 1D and 2D Stormwater modelling projects, many of which were using 12d Model. Mal now handles support and training for our water users and writes macros for 12d.

Geoff Thompson

Water Resources Trainer

Geoff Thompson, a Senior Water Resources Engineer at 12d Solutions and trainer at the Civil and Surveying Institute, possesses over 35 years of experience in Civil Engineering software. He was also the Co-founder of XP-Software, which he managed for 25 years.

Noel Burton

Surveying Trainer

Noel Burton has 40+ years of experience in surveying, and has worked in 15+ countries. He holds a BSc in Surveying & Mapping (Curtin, 1986), Engineering Surveying Cert (Bruce TAFE, 1983), and Training & Assessment Cert IV (2015). Noel also created survey programs at Canberra Institute of Technology. He specialises in modernising workflows, blending tech and tradition, and providing tailored solutions.

Jason Knox

Civil Design Trainer

Jason Knox brings 16 years of experience leveraging the power of 12d Model. His background in civil design encompassed rail, mining, LNG and renewable energy sectors. Jason’s training initiatives equip individuals and teams with the skills needed to utilise the software effectively.

Peter Taynton

Civil Design Trainer

Peter Taynton brings over 20 years of experience in diverse aspects of road design, handling major projects for Councils and Government Road Authorities. For the past 15 years, he’s collaborated closely with our programmers to implement various design features in 12d Model, including Super Alignment, Design Speed Tables, Construction subgrade detailing, Design Geometry Components, Overlays, Pad design interface, and Visualisation.

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