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12d Model 15 Themes

Watch now to delve deeper into Themes, the culmination of years of user feedback, enhancing your interface workflows within the comprehensive 12d Model toolkit. Discover more about Themes and their role in the latest version of 12d Model.


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31 min

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On-demand webinar replay


Watch now to delve deeper into Themes, the culmination of years of user feedback, enhancing your interface workflows within the comprehensive 12d Model toolkit. Discover more about Themes and their role in the latest version of 12d Model.

Webinar Breakdown
  • Introduction
  • Background to Themes
  • Why Themes?
  • Shipped Themes
  • What Themes do
  • Introducing the Themes
  • But what if I don’t like change?
  • Theme Sizes
  • Loading Themes in 12d Model 15
  • The Elephant in the Room
  • Questions Surrounding Themes
  • Answers
  • Discipline Toolbars
  • Workspaces
  • Demonstration
  • Q&A
Additional Free Resources

Teaching yourself the 12d Model is relatively straightforward, thanks to the wealth of free and paid resources provided by the 12d Model and the Civil and Surveying Institute. These resources are ideal for individuals eager to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Below we will specifically focus on the array of free resources available. These resources are not only designed to help you grasp the basics of 12d but also to take you to more advanced levels:

  • SPOT (Self-Paced Online Training) Courses: As an Authorised 12d Model Training Centre, the Civil and Surveying Institute offers complimentary courses in surveying, design, water engineering and other related disciplines to our students. Additionally, we provide a 12d Model training licence for the duration of your education, allowing you to practice. You can find SPOT courses in our course catalogue on this website. Simply use filters for self-paced online training and select “Free” as the price.
  • Free 12d Model Webinars: To gain access to these webinars, complete the “Notify me” form on this page. This will ensure that you receive notifications about all upcoming 12d Model webinars.
  • 12d Model YouTube Channel: This channel contains a plethora of valuable videos covering various educational topics related to the 12d Model. You can access these videos by visiting: 12d Model YouTube Channel
  • 12d Model Support Team: You can contact the 12d Model Support Team at: https://www.12d.com/contact/index.php
  • 12d Forum: This forum serves as a valuable source of information where 12d users and the support team engage in daily discussions on 12d-related topics. In many cases, users find that the majority of their questions have already been answered in the 12d forum. You can visit the forum here: 12d Forum
  • 12d Wiki: The 12d Wiki contains even more specialised training videos, all available to you free of charge. These videos cover a wide range of topics, from CAD and Water to Plotting and BIM for civil. You can explore these resources here: 12d Wiki


Dylan Revell

Regional Sales Manager at 12d NZ Ltd

Dylan Revell, a Regional Sales Manager for 12d NZ with over 16 years of experience in civil engineering practice, land development, drainage and construction.

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The trainer was very knowledgeable.

The trainer was very knowledgeable and directed us and answered every question with patience. The course materials were very useful and comprehensive to start 12d.

Sara Abdi

Graduate Civil Engineer

That was very helpful.

Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again in future courses.

Amy Clark

Civil Design Drafter

Cameron was excellent!

Very good instructor. Explained everything clearly and also shared some different info on 12d commands as per students’ insights.

Dylan Pererra

Calibre Group

The software training session helped me to practically apply the theoretical knowledge learned at university.

To plan, and design real-world civil engineering projects. Currently, the most widely used civil engineering software in Australia is 12d.

Ravindu Chandrasekara

Civil Engineering student at Monash University

I’m really glad I took the course.

I found that training to be really useful. I learnt lots of little tips and tricks, even though I’ve been using 12d for about 7 years. The design stuff was great. Easy to follow and very clear.

Josh Brinkman

Southern Land Development Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 12d Model 15 available already?

Yes, 12d Model 15 has been available for some time now, and numerous customers are already enjoying its benefits. If you are interested in consulting with 12d Model specialists or learning more about purchasing the 12d Model software, please submit our Contact Us form: Contact Us Form Link.

How long does it take to complete the certificate program at the Civil and Surveying Institute?

If you are interested in completing a certificate program at the Civil and Surveying Institute, the length of time it takes to obtain your certificate will depend on the type of certificate you are pursuing.

For a Certificate of Attendance in your specific field, you can typically expect to complete the program within 1-3 days.

To receive a Certificate of Completion, the timeframe can range from 2 weeks to 6 months on average. The duration will depend on the particular discipline you are studying and the amount of time you can commit per week to complete the course successfully.

If your goal is to obtain a Certificate of Competency, you will need to pass a Proctored Exam, which typically takes 2-3 hours. However, it’s important to note that you must have a sufficient understanding of the subject matter prior to applying for the exam to earn the Certificate of Competency.

Does the Civil and Surveying Institute provide an opportunity to experience 12d Model 15?

Yes, you can enroll in our free or paid 12d Model 15 courses and try 12d Model. All our courses come with the 12d Model software for the duration of the education period (up to 6 months with Self-paced Online Training courses). These courses offer not only guided education but also include product demonstrations and practical exercises.

What is 12d Synergy?

12d Synergy is a Common Data Environment that allows all project stakeholders to access the information they need, when they need it.

Built to provide quality and efficiency, 12d Synergy acts as the central point of truth. From technical drawings and models to finished outputs, it makes managing, storing, and accessing files at any stage in a project lifecycle painless. Experience the easy-to-implement solution designed to improve the way you work.

How much does certification with Civil and Surveying Institute cost?

For a Certificate of Attendance, the certificate itself is complementary. However, you will need to complete and pay for the Instructor-led online training, which may vary in price depending on the discipline you are studying. Typically, prices for the training range from $200 to $900 (AUD) Exc. GST.

For a Certificate of Completion, the certificate is also complementary, but you will need to successfully complete an appropriate SPOT course before obtaining the certificate. The price for SPOT courses typically ranges from $300 to $500 (AUD) Exc. GST.

For a Certificate of Competency, the cost is $300 (AUD) Exc. GST. However, it’s important to note that the cost of preparing for the exam to obtain the certificate is not included in this price. To prepare for the exam, we recommend attending our Instructor-led online or SPOT (Self Paced Online Training) courses, which may have varying costs depending on the course and discipline.